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Bruce Springsteen. "For You" di Lawrence Kirsch

Lawrence Kirsch ha pubblicato per la prima volta nel 2007 un libro in edizione limitata dal titolo "For You" dedicato a Bruce Springsteen.

Il libro ha richiesto oltre due anni e mezzo di ricerca e produzione e comprende centinaia di storie e aneddoti scritti dai fan di Springsteen, oltre a 400 fotografie, la maggior parte delle quali non sono mai state pubblicate in precedenza.

Lawrence Kirsch ha dichiarato: "Essendo un fan di Springsteen per tutta la vita, ho riconosciuto che c'era un desiderio represso per i fan di riunirsi e condividere. Qualcosa di magico accadde ad un concerto di Springsteen. Ogni concerto è come un'enorme riunione di famiglia, anche se in realtà conosci poche persone lì. Gli estranei completi si connettono con un'immediatezza tangibile".

Il libro è disponibile solo online su: 

With over 400 photos and 200 unusual tales from some of Bruce Springsteen’s most dedicated fans - this is one book you won’t want to miss.

New York, New York, United States November 28, 2019
For You Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen's Legendary Fans is a limited edition book first published in 2007. It has been sold out since 2009. What the previous book promised is what we are getting set to deliver, again. This reprint of the book is a hard to find item for you to consider adding to your Springsteen collection.

The original volume took over two and half years in research and production, and includes hundreds of stories and anecdotes written by Springsteen’s  legendary fans, as well as over 400 photographs, most of them never previously published.

Publisher Lawrence Kirsch said: “Being a life-long Springsteen fan myself, I recognized there was a pent-up desire for fans to come together and share. Something magical happens at a Springsteen concert. Each concert is like a huge family reunion, even though in all reality you actually know few of the people there. Complete strangers connect with an immediacy that is tangible.”

“So, in 2005 I came up with the idea for this book and set up a web site called: For You Bruce to confirm if my theory was correct. I asked fans to write in with their experiences, and I was simply amazed by the response. Over 1500 fans from across the globe submitted stories and anecdotes to the website. It was difficult to make the final selection.”

Unfortunately, there was no way to include them all. All I can offer is that the experiences and memories that were chosen are representative of so many other stories we received. Fans will be able to identify and relate through the memories of others. I promise you there is something for everyone in this book.”

Although Kirsch requested the stories be submitted in English, he did in fact receive a number of stories in a wide variety of the world’s languages. So, to underscore the fact the music made by Bruce Springsteen and the legendary E Street Band, the Sessions Band - as well as the other musicians and performers with whom he has played, does indeed cross the language barrier, touching fans across the globe, Kirsch has scattered throughout the book some stories written in languages other than English. His personal recognition For You - the fanatical Springsteen fan, no matter what language you actually speak.

“I wanted everyone to feel included,” said Kirsch, “so these non-English language stories serve as reminders that the Boss has a worldwide fan base and his music and the Bruce Springsteen concert experience transcend the boundaries of one specific language.”

About the book
This 208 page, large format, 9” x 12”/222mm x 300mm full color, hard cover coffee table book is printed on EuroArt Gloss 200m paper stock and contains over 400 photographs. The book is only available online for purchase at: Limited edition of 1100 copies.

For further information contact:
Lawrence Kirsch
Web site:
Twitter: @KirschComm