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Angus Stone annuncia l'uscita del nuovo album "Rose Pink Cadillac"

DOPE LEMON, moniker di ANGUS STONE, annuncia l'uscita del nuovo album Rose Pink Cadillac confermata per il 12 novembre 2021, via BMG.

L'album contiene i singoli già pubblicati "Rose Pink Cadillac", "Kids Fallin' In Love" e "Every Day Is A Holiday" con Winston Surfshirt.

Sul disco ha affermato Angus: “This new DOPE LEMON record ‘Rose Pink Cadillac’ has been an epic frontier to have embarked on. The making of this creation took months of many tireless long nights… plus many bottles of delicious whiskey and treats. 

Each time the writing of a new album takes a new chapter out of my life and freezes it in time. The days and months poured into making this record disappear in the blink of an eye, it’s a mix of hard work and pure joy. We purchased a beautifully restored pristine rose pink 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood to give away to one lucky lil lemon in Australia. Everyone that pre-orders the album from goes into the draw to win one of the most amazing cars I’ve ever seen.".

La prima metà di Rose Pink Cadillac rappresenta la vita diurna di DOPE LEMON, mentre la seconda metà è il suo mondo notturno, dai caratteri decisamente più oscuri.