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Mighty Oaks: il nuovo singolo "Forever"

Il gruppo folk-pop con sede a Berlino, Mighty Oaks, è lieto di annunciare la nuova traccia "Forever", estratta dal prossimo album della band Mexico, in uscita il 7 maggio per la Howl Records.

Attingendo a un ampio ventaglio di influenze indie, pop, blues e soul, il trio internazionale - (Ian Hooper (USA), Claudio Donzelli (Italia) e Craig Saunders (UK)- ci regala un brano indie-pop che riflette in pieno il suo inconfondibile stile.

"Forever is for sure like your classic love song, but you can read into it in different ways, you may have just met someone significant in your life and you know that this person is special. Or it may be the very first moment you set eyes on your child, which is pretty indescribable. It’s realising that “wow – you’re part of me and I’m going to be in your life forever and you’re going to be with me until the day I die.“ It’s a beautiful feeling! And both of these feelings are in this song. We knew that this song had a classic sentiment, so we wanted to record it in a way to make it feel timeless. The bridge for the song came at the very end of the process which gives a nod to that Fleetwood Mac vibe. It’s for sure the most pop sounding song that’s on this album, but it was important for it to be included because it tells a universal story that everybody deals with, and a lot of people associate with our band, the ability to love.", afferma la band.

Il loro ultimo disco, All Things Go, è stato pubblicato un anno fa ed è stato accompagnato da un tour che, purtroppo, dopo due mesi è stato sopseso a causa della pandemia:

“Corona was on our heels the whole time”, ricorda il cantante Hooper, “We had just returned from Norway and a few days later, boom, lockdown!”. Per lui questa è stata l'occasione per rimettersi a lavorare sul nuovo disco nel suo studio di registrazione. “It was the first time since our debut album that I had the time to just write a whole lot of songs for this album”, afferma “And I feel like it sounds so much more like one album than say the last one did - or the one before that.”.

Insieme, i tre compagni di band e amici di lunga data hanno deciso di registrare le canzoni nello studio di Hooper, insieme al loro produttore Nikolai Potthoff e al batterista Joda Förster: “It was a total shot in the dark to record at my house. I had never actually tried it out, to record drums down there, and to track people together. Everyone was nervous, myself included. But it ended up being the best thing that we could have done. There is something about recording at home that brought us back to that very beginning, when Claudio and I started making music at his apartment together”, dice Hooper, “I’m the most at peace with myself as a musician than I ever have been before. Recording at home takes the pressure off: our time was our time, we didn’t have to hire a big studio, nobody was expecting anything from us, because we were in a pandemic. We just had time for us.”.

Il disco Mexico racchiude, così, il meglio di entrambi i mondi: è intimo, personale e diretto come è la musica dei Mighty Oaks ma, allo stesso tempo, è un disco più adulto, specchio della maturità dei tre musicisti che hanno trovato la loro voce, che hanno vissuto la vita con i suoi alti e i suoi bassi, e che, ormai, non hanno bisogno di dimostrare più nulla.